App version 3.1 / Backend version 1.94

App version 3.1 / Backend version 1.94

release notes


  • Shortcuts page. In the Quick action bar at bottom of the screen we’ve added a “star” for users to access the “Shortcuts page.” This new feature allows users to mark a content they want to readily available in the shortcut page.  For now, content in News, Journals, Events and Submitted reports can be added in Shortcuts. More module content will be made available to mark in this way in future updates. See screenshot below
  • Membership card. On the main menu a green icon is now displayed next to the member name. Pressing that reveals the Membership card. A corresponding NEW Membership tab has been added in the backend under Users/Membership Card.
    The details to be shown on the card are all customizable be each client and information is pulled from the members info in the Users table.  NOTE – to enable the Membership card, admin needs to enable it in the backend tab. See screenshot below.



  • Initial login performance improvement – The overall API structure (the connections from app to backend) were all reviewed, updated and simplified. This overhaul decreased loading time considerably. Loading time differs between clients and depends on numbers of users, content and customized solutions in place. As an example, a loading time that was before over one minute is now approx. 15 sec.
  • Survey description text – On the first screen of Survey there is a description text for the survey/poll in question. The character limit for that text was increased to 1000 characters.


  • Client admin – When client admin was changed to a different one it affected the whole history of actions taken by the previous admin. We have now implemented a feature so that when a there is a change in Admin, a changeover occurs that does not affect the action history of previous admin. For example, if admin A was assigned as such from 1jan-31dec2020, all comments and actions remain intact for that period.
    NOTE – to assign a new admin you must contact 2Way, otherwise the changeover does not occur. Each admin can still update his/hers details in profile view when logged in.
  • System generated email delivery.  Emails received when resetting passwords, getting and OTP for initial login or moderators receiving email reports we refer to as “system emails”. These email were sometimes not delivered and specially to email services like hotmail. We have now purchased a service that allowed us to implement a a dedicated IP address to our outgoing system emails. We have now been using this service for 3 weeks and delivery ratio for that time is now at 100%. 

More and detailed information in the release document.

Supported operating systems

iOs 11 and up
Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and up

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