Backend version 1.91

Backend version 1.91

release notes


  • Reports Chat message – If a chat message is received from a user on a report, a notification is added in the Recent activity feed on the Dashboard. Filter switch added also for Recent activity to allow enabling/disabling of this notification. If they are disabled, a summary of unread messages is displayed. Furthermore, a column has been added in All Reports to show if a report has an unread message. Please find some screenshots below.
  • CKEditor updated to v4.13.1
  • Adding images as a thumbnail with content and profile had restrictions on size and dimensions. We have implemented a build-in mechanism to reduce the file size if excessively large and added crop features where applicable to reduce the nuisance caused when adding an image.


More and detailed information in the release document.

Supported operating systems

iOs 10 and up
Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and up

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