Version 2.55 available

Version 2.55 available

Improvements – Apps

  • Profile enhancements. The user can delete fields not mandatory.
  • Value list added as an attribute for report types.
  • Activity feed now refreshes if user out of app more then 30min. If in the app and new content available then a flag appears stating “New Content”.

Improvements – Backend

  • Each admin/moderator can now adjust the automatic session logout time via the backend profile screen.
    Now possible to assign a moderator to a specific report type. This is done via the Report type screen. These moderators will, like before, get notified via email when a new report is received.
  • Exporting reports to excel, the name of the file reflects the report type and date exported. If multiple types, then the name is “multiple report types.”
  • Exporting reports to excel, if image included, the image URL is included in the exported excel sheet. Just copy to a browser or generate a hyperlink directly in the URL cell. (the function is “=HYPERLINK(cell)”
  • Dashboard default period is now from when service started. More pre-fixed options for date range (upper right corner)
  • Reports – now possible to select several reports and set a status to all of them with one click.
  • Dashboard, report graph re-designed. Easy to use the graph to see inbound reports trends and average over past 90days. Possible to select individual report types and groups.
  • Reports list – now possible to show all or some report types. Convenient if needed to set a common status for multiple reports of same type i.e.
  • Report types – added an attribute (Value list) that allows uploading a value list. This is handy in case you have available long list of items so instead of typing each value, the list can be imported. has to be of CSV type.
  • The report detail view had some facelift and especially the chat part.
  • User info added details. More data is now being pulled when the user opens the app. When was the user last session, when was profile updated by the user, what device and OS were used by the user in the last session, number of devices app installed on etc. NOTE that we are now running a script to remove old devices after 3 months of no use. It helps in having a healthy pool of tokens when sending PN.
  • Implemented a self-testing system called Selenium for auto testing of code when moving new version life. This saves time and manpower regarding testing. this test runs several scenarios to test the basic working of features and functions. A script is maintained and added to progressively.
  • System alerts – there were a couple of occasions were backend was not accessible. This was due to storage space getting close to maximum level. We’ve now added several alarms to raise attention when things approach to limit or fail. Amongst alerts now in place are.
- AWS CPU power approaching limit
- AWS storage alert (also a script that clears old log files taken up space)
- Client dbase sync alerts
More alerts will be set in place if needed.

Supported operating systems

iOs 9 and up
Android 4.4 (Kitkat) and up

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