Version 2.98 available

Version 2.98 available

Version 2.98 is now available in the Apple App store and Play store.

Highlights of changes in this version

Notification center.  All notification received can now be viewed in a notification center. Access via a bell icon on the Activity feed screen. Link to content where applicable.

Application feature.  Report module has been upgraded to allow using it as an application module in parallel. The only difference noticeable is that we’ve added a selection when creating a report type called “Include Information Screen”. By enabling this, an additional screen is presented in the app for this report type allowing admin to present information on this type and add terms and conditions.

Main menu added as an option to set as a startup screen

Destination, hotel address link now opens Google maps, instead of Apple maps

Surveys, Reset button added for each question to allow the user to reset that particular question

Destination, admin can now add a field above Hotel info for Temporary information. This field has a different color to draw attention to this detail

Reports, attaching images. Limit of 5 images attached increased to 20 per image attribute.

Cross-group viewing of members – Admin can now select via Manage/Airline groups in the backend, what groups should be visible to each group. Group A can see Group B and C etc. UI has been updated in the app to allow filtering of groups and labels to show which group member belongs to.


More and detailed information in the release document.

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