Feb 24, Web Backend v2.1.0 released! – App version 3.5, including NEW modules!


The 2Way system is an app and web-based communication solution for the modern union, streamlining interaction with members and encouraging their engagement.

YOUR app – your control
2Way is yours from the start; your app with your branding and you have total control over its content. It is the complete content management system for your union and designed to make your valuable work easier.

Your main Com tool

We believe good communication is the backbone of affiliations/groups such as unions. The 2Way app is a comprehensive communication tool for unions of all sizes, however they are organized and wherever they are located.

Clear benefits

Do you have a member management system in place and post content on a website? 2Way can connect to most systems and content published to the app and web simultaneously - 2Way is here to make your life easier and utilize the system you already have more effectively.

Our vision

We aim to be the go-to communications platform for unions, groups, and municipalities. We use best practices to continually develop and improve our solution, with our users needs and wishes in mind.


Technology Development Fund

British Airline Pilots Association

Félag Íslenskra Atvinnuflugmanna (FÍA)

New Zealand Air Line Pilots’ Association

SLSY (Finnish Cabin Crew Union)

Flugfreyjufélag Íslands (FFÍ)

Flugvirkjafélag Íslands (FVFI)

AIPA (Australian & International Pilots Association)


With valuable input from our partners, we have developed a complete communication system for almost every kind of group so that you can hit the ground running when you start to use the 2Way system.
It is highly customizable to accommodate your needs and those of your members. Moreover, if there is a need for a different kind of modules or a specialized function, we can develop that in collaboration with you.

News and relevant issues
at a glance

Variety of modules

Every module and its functions are controlled through the web-based management system, accessible from any browser.

Activity Feed

The newest issues appear in the Activity feed – the app’s landing page.

Customizable module package

Since the app is a white label solution, clients can choose which modules to include in their app, or even have a special one developed.


Convenient reporting

When something happens and needs to be reported, it’s essential to be able to do so quickly and easily. Users can select issues from a customizable drop-down menu, attach media and specify issues with notes.

Whenever and wherever

No internet connection is needed to write a report. The report is saved and sent automatically once online.

Secure Reporting

Reports are uploaded through secure channels to be analyzed, assessed or forwarded by the union admin or moderators. All reports are logged and analyzed for statistical purposes.


Nothing is lost or forgotten

When the administrator has reviewed the reported issue, the sender promptly receives appropriate feedback.

Two-way communication

The administrator can request more details on the reported issue from the sender if needed.

Status updates

All submitted reports have a status field indicating their progress in the union‘s handling process. These status replies are fully customizable.


Easy publishing – Press no stress

News and updates are an important part of union communication. That’s why we’ve included an easy-to-use publishing editor within the 2Way solution, where you can publish the news you want, to the audience you want.

Easier and less costly

When publishing is as easy as it is with 2Way, publishing frequency can be increased at no extra cost.

News Updates

The most current news appears in the activity feed for quick access.

Searchable content

All content on this section can be searched to pinpoint an article of interest.


The who behind the name

This module provides information on all relevant contact persons within a union, their position and their role.

Direct contact

The user can contact their representative directly through the app


Meeting journals in one place

The various committees and counsels within the union can easily publish meeting journals in the app, ready for members to read whether they are on- or offline.

Builds unity

More easily accessible meeting journals make more users want to view them. This keeps them up to date and increases their awareness, thereby strengthening unity.

Targeted audience

Each note or journal can easily be directed to select audiences through the web-based backend.


Perception is a reality. Hence, gathering feedback from your members with surveys is important to know how the winds blow within organizations, and what is important to your members. Surveys uncover the answers you need, and with the 2Way app, you get those answers in the time it fits you.

Evokes discussion

Surveys not only serve to provide answers but offers the possibility of raising discussion within your groups and increases union engagement.

Ease of Use

When the questions have been designed and formed, the rest of the job is an easy task within the back-end. Your survey will be collecting answers immediately after your publish.

Listen and learn

With relevant feedback from your union’s members, the strategy can be validated or reformed as appropriate.

Upload PDF accessable to members

All pdf’s for members can be made available to members within the app. Being it union agreements, guidelines or other informative material

Available offline

Members choose if to download the documents to their devices or access it online only, thereby saving space on their device.


Each module can be controlled by the union: whether or not it is included, and even how it is presented. If you have additional requirements, a specially developed module might be the way to go.

Emergency response

When emergencies occur, access to information is vital. Within this module, emergency phone numbers are listed and messages are sent containing predefined, but customizable, information. Standardized text for media statements, and event checklists, can also be found within the module.


All events scheduled by the union are displayed in chronological order. This keeps members on top of what’s happening in the union.

Member directory

Basic information about union members can be provided, including email address, aircraft type, and union role. Listings in this section are airline group specific and fully customizable.


Users can update their profiles within the app, and those changes can sync with your current member database.


Information on destination logistics, hotel accommodation, and other useful things, conveniently available. Members can provide constructive feedback for a hotel by a simple star and tag rating. Those ratings can be analyzed further in the system.

Document library

All pdf's can be made readily available to the members and accessed on- or offline. The pdf's are searchable within the pdf itself or globally if you're not sure where the exact content is located.


All the app modules are controlled from a web-based system accessible where ever you are in the world. That’s where reports are received and content created and published to the app. Create News, Journals and Minutes with an easy-to-use editor, as well as surveys and events.

White label

2Way is a white label product, which means clients use their own branding within the app, further enhancing member unity.

Push notifications

Notifications can be targeted to all members, individual groups or sub-groups.


Client’s administrator can assign multiple moderators to handle different modules and control their access to other areas of the system.

Membership management

Your current member management systems can be interlinked with the 2Way system, or you can use 2Way’s system as a stand-alone one.

Crunch data from reports

All reports submitted by members are securely stored in the backend, allowing administrators to analyze the data for statistics or presentation.

Multiple member groups

Different employer groups can be created and managed within the system so that different content targeting can be achieved. For example, a union can create a group for different employee groups that they serve.




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