App version 3.00

App version 3.00

release notes


  • User Interface upgrade. The most significant change in this version is the upgrade of the apps user interface (UI). It is now more “clean” and neutral to meet the different needs of clients. The aim was to make the changes as subtle as possible, so users would not experience too many previous version changes.

    Another goal in this UI upgrade was to align the functionality to what is considered “industry standard” today. Users that are accustomed to the major apps today (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) should find the navigation more “natural.”

  • The Main menu and Activity feed are now accessed via navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. It is visible on all the app screens, except detail views, so returning home is quick.

As a part of the version 3.x project, the version following this one will introduce two NEW features:

  • Membership card, allowing members to show their union membership via the app. (see below screenshot)
  • Favorite page,  allows members to mark any content as “favorite” to allow quick access via a dedicated page. An icon for this page will be added to the bottom bar.
  • Global search, allowing searching of any content within the app from a single location. An icon for this function will be added to the bottom bar. (This feature will be introduced mid year 2021)


  • Update to Android app code, improving performance and stability
  • Overall better text readability with better font styling
  • Activity feed now has white background and thumbnail image, improving readability
  • Gestures and sub-screen behavior common for most standard modules
  • Content timestamp now has date instead of the “x days/months/years ago”
  • PDF reader in Document module updated. Double tab now zooms in on content.
  • Icons on top of sub-screens replaced with text
  • Current Issue moved to Activity feed from Main menu making it more visible when in use
  • Commonality between Member detail view and Profile view
  • If no image included for content or groups, a placeholder is no longer used. Reduces clutter if clients opts for no images
  • Firebase analytic SDK updated to latest version

More and detailed information in the release document.

Supported operating systems

iOs 11 and up
Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and up

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