Backend version 1.93

Backend version 1.93

release notes


  • Backend code updated to PHP v7.3 – Very big under the hood update. No difference in user interface but should notice considerable performance improvement for apps and backend since everything is more optimized at the source. 
  • Users password restriction removed. No longer required to add a password when adding members manually in backend. Implemented in late 2018, members will receive a OTP (one time password) in email when logging in for first time if no password present.
  • Group Code column in applicable modules. Limit set to width of this column to improve UI when numerous recipient groups where being selected. All groups are still being revealed, just hover your pointer over the field.


More and detailed information in the release document.

Supported operating systems

iOs 10 and up
Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and up

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