Version 2.992 available

Version 2.992 available

app Version 2.992 and backend v1.9 release notes

App highlights (v2.992)

** NEW **
Member detail confirmation popup. Admin can now enable a popup screen to be shown to user upon launching the app where the user is asked to confirm personal details and offered the possibility to either confirm or update them. If pressing update, the user is taken to “Profile” edit mode. There are few conditions:
– If user skips the popup (X in the upper right) he will see the popup again in 3 days
– If user hits Update or Confirm, he will not see the update again unless admin disables and enables feature again OR changes some details and saves.

** Improvements **

Events Load More – In case of numerous items in Events, a “Load More” button is being placed in the future event section. This was previously only available in past events section.

Backend system highlights (v1.9)

** NEW **
Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) – This feature has now been implemented for the backend. In Settings/MFA Settings, the admin can activate this feature for himself and the moderator and choose the interval when a MFA code is needed to access the backend. Admin and moderators will get a One Time Password (OTP) to their registered email to

** Improvements **
Users, groups. Moving an active user to an inactive group now makes that user automatically inactive.

Reports – When viewing “all Reports”, added columns “username”, “name” and “report id”

Users – In “All users”, added in Tools menu and “Set active” function to be able to select multiple users and set them Active.

Manage/Airline groups – now shows 50 groups in one listing instead of 15 before.

Destinations Hotel Reviews – Now possible to filter hotel reviews by Airline Group and

Airport code.

Push notification – Scheduled and History date and time now shown in local system

time being used (was UTC before) . This is to be in sync with time set for the push notification when set to “later”. All times now shown in local time.

More and detailed information in the release document.

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